We Heart Custom 01/22

Well, what can I say?  After 38 years in this business I still love it as much, and maybe even more than when I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed 17 year old all those years ago.  I didn't start off in design exactly - I took more of a round about approach/detour through the field of gemmology, then working on the bench starting with repair work - but then finally landing on design and custom creation.  I'm loving it today more than ever as we have so many more tools at our disposal (like the $30,000 laser welder we utilize & couldn't live without) to the computer aided CAD designs we have created & programs at our disposal that can really produce almost anything a heart can dream up.  My wonderful team of designers and goldsmiths are a well oiled machine, and we confer and brainstorm on a weekly basis to ensure our designs meet the highest standards that we set for ourselves.  Constantly feeling blessed that we get to work together, on beautiful things - for beautiful souls.  


Peace out :-)


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