The Custom Process

We LOVE doing customs here at Tompkins Jewellers. We have a team of 4 designers and 2 goldsmiths waiting to help you with whatever jewellery your heart can come up with.
We can take in your old pieces and transform them into something new and beautiful, or create a new item from all new materials! 
The process begins with a rough draft. It helps if you can bring one in, or at least pictures of what you like. Pinterest will be your best friend here. If you have to draw one up, that works too! (don't worry, we can't draw either). You could also inquire via email if that's more convenient.

From there, our designers work to get you 3D life-like images of your piece and a rough price. We can do customs in silver, gold (white, yellow or rose!) or even platinum!
Once the renders have been approved, we work on producing a wax model for you. The wax is made to the same scale as the piece, so it should fit and feel like the real deal!
After the wax has been approved, we finalize the metal and stones, if there are any, so we can get you a proper quote. If your ring has a large diamond we may order the diamond in so you can view it before we mount it in your ring.
The quote will remain good for 2 weeks or for as long as the specific stones are in stock with our suppliers. 

 Then in just a few weeks time you'll have your very own, beautiful, unique piece!